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This is a legal agreement between users of this service ("you" or "your") and Ankitects Pty Ltd, a company started by the Anki author. This agreement governs your usage of AnkiWeb ("the service"). In this document, "we" and "our" refers to Ankitects Pty Ltd, its staff, and trusted third-party contractors.


  • A valid email address is required to use the service.

  • We use your email address to send you important information about Anki and your account, such as updated terms of service, password reset notices, and notifications of new releases.

  • We will not share your email address with unrelated parties, unless required to do so by law.

Deck Privacy

  • AnkiWeb allows you to add content to your account via its web interface, or by using the synchronisation feature of approved clients. The content of the decks you add will not be visible to other users of the service, unless you explicitly share the decks.

  • In the interests of research and product development, we may programmatically extract anonymous information from your collection, such as options used, when reviews were made, and how long delays between reviews were. This information will not include the text or images/sounds on your cards, or any personally-identifying information. We may publish this anonymised information online, so that others may use it for research.

  • When the service experiences problems, or when you report a problem via our support site, we may need to access the data in your account in order to diagnose the issue. We will only use this data for diagnostic purposes, and will not share it with others. While investigating, we may see the contents of some of your cards, so please do not add data to AnkiWeb that you wouldn’t want us to see when we investigate problems.

  • When you report a problem via our support site, we may sometimes need to paste small excerpts from your collection in order to communicate (eg, "we had a look at the 'He went shopping' card, but couldn’t see a problem"). If you are concerned about this, please mark your report as private when posting to our support site.

Acceptable Content

By uploading or entering any material into our website, you assert that it does not contain:

  • Content that you do not have the intellectual property rights to use, due to copyright, trademark, patent or other protection. Your local jurisdiction may allow you to use protected content under fair use provisions, provided you do not share it with others.

  • Content designed to subvert the correct functioning of software or hardware, such as viruses and code exploits.

  • Content that is illegal in Australia, Germany, the United States, or your country of residence.

If you are an intellectual property holder and believe your rights have been violated, please see the "Intellectual Property Violations" section below.

If you share your material publicly, you must also ensure:

  • It does not contain content that might offend others, such as pornography, hate speech or libel.

  • It does not attempt to modify or replace the function, content or branding of our website.

Sharing Decks


  • You may optionally share a deck you have uploaded, making it available for others to download from AnkiWeb.

  • When you share a deck, you grant us a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to make the deck available to users under the Shared Deck License below.

  • You further grant us the right to modify the deck you shared, including but not limited to creating excerpts, and converting to new file formats.

  • You may elect to remove the shared deck from our servers at any time. This will stop us from providing the deck to users, but does not invalidate the license for the decks that have already been downloaded. Due to caching, there may be a small delay between when you remove a deck and when it becomes unavailable to others.

  • In addition to the license you grant us above, you may optionally grant users extra rights by specifying so in your deck’s description. You may not impose any extra restrictions.

  • When you share a deck, you will be required to assert that it is entirely your own work, or that you have obtained a license from the intellectual property holder to share the material here. If we suspect that material has been uploaded in violation of intellectual property rights, we will remove it from the shared deck list, and may remove your ability to share decks in the future.

  • While we do not have the resources to monitor the decks that are uploaded to our website, we reserve the right to remove any we come across that we deem inappropriate, including but not limited to ones with poor quality descriptions or content, and ones that are only useful to a small group of people (such as lecture notes for a specific class).

Shared Deck License

  • When you download a deck that someone has shared, the deck author grants you a permanent, non-revocable, worldwide, royalty free, non-exclusive license to use the material in your personal studies.

  • This license is for personal use only, and the deck may not be redistributed, re-uploaded, published, or used for any other purposes without explicit permission from the copyright holder.

  • Shared decks have been provided by third parties and are not reviewed by us, so we can offer no warranty or support for them.

Sharing Add-ons

  • You may optionally share an add-on you have created by uploading it to AnkiWeb, and you may download add-ons that others have shared.

  • As add-ons extend the computer version, they must be licensed under the AGPL3 or a compatible license. If you do not explicitly state a license, it will be assumed to be AGPL3.

  • Add-ons do not run in a protected environment, so they potentially have full access to your computer. Please understand that add-ons are provided by third parties, and not verified by us, so we can provide absolutely no warranty. You should only use add-ons that you trust.

Data Retention

  • Decks stored in your account may be archived and eventually deleted if they are not accessed in 3 months or longer. If you are not planning to study for a few months, please make a backup of the content on your own computer.

  • When you store information in your account, backup copies of it may be taken for the purposes of data recovery. If you subsequently delete that data from your account, or delete your account entirely, backup copies may remain until they expire. We can not manually remove your data from backups.

  • Although very unlikely, in the event of a catastrophic failure to one of our servers, we may need to restore from a backup, and this will undo any changes that were made since the backup was taken. If this happens, we will post an announcement on our support site.

Access to the Service

  • You may access AnkiWeb directly through your browser, and through the synchronisation functionality incorporated into the approved clients (Anki, AnkiMobile, and AnkiDroid). Because other third-party clients often cause performance problems or errors, AnkiWeb may not be accessed from other clients without first obtaining permission from us.

  • AnkiWeb does not currently provide an API, and is not optimised to handle lots of little requests. You may not programmatically request pages on AnkiWeb to try and work around this.

  • As the service is provided to you at no charge, we reserve the right to suspend or remove your access to the service at our sole discretion.

Intellectual Property Violations

Each time users share a deck, they’re required to state under penalty of perjury that the content is entirely their own work, or that they have obtained a license from the intellectual property holder. If you believe someone has violated your intellectual property rights, please post a private message on our support site to let us know. Please provide us with a link to the offending content, and a link to your site, book or other original content that the material has been taken from. Please also provide a scanned letter with your name, address, signature and date, that states you believe the material you have linked to is violating your intellectual property rights. If you are writing on behalf of another, you must have the authority to act on their behalf. Please be advised that if you make a false report, you may place yourself open to legal action.

Violations & Law Enforcement

If you fail to comply with these terms of service, we may suspend or remove your account at our sole discretion. If your actions were illegal, we may also report you to the authorities. We will provide your information to third parties when required to do so by law.


If we make any significant changes to these terms, you will be required to agree to the updated terms to continue to use the service. We may make minor changes like spelling corrections and improvements to the wording of clauses without notifying you, but we will update the modification time at the bottom of this page.


Use of the service is currently free, and the hosting costs are supported by sales of the iPhone app. As the hosting costs continue to grow, we may need to introduce a "freemium" model in the future, where basic accounts are free, and people can pay for accounts that support larger decks or extra features.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Use of the service is at your own risk. While we endeavor to ensure the integrity of your data, ultimately the responsibility is in your hands. Please keep a local backup of your data for safety’s sake.


Last updated 2015-03-03.

Attention, please!

This copy has no legal effect.
(for informational purposes only)
Take a look into original document if needed:   Anki 2.0 Terms and Conditions